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4x5.65 Arri MB25 Clip On 3 Stage Matte Box:
Holds 3- 4x5.65 filters, includes 3 clamp rings for 80mm,
95mm, 114mm, 134mm.
Includes top door.
4x5.65 Chrosziel 3 stage matte box:
Two 4x4 or 4x5.65 filter stages.
One 138mm round stage.
Includes top door.
For 15mm lightweight rods or 19mm studio

5.65x5.65 Chrosziel 3 stage Matte box:
-Two 5.65x5.65 stages
-Includes one 4x5.65 Horizontal reduction tray.
-Top and side doors
-Swing Away bracket
-For 15mm or 19mm Rods
6.6x6.6 Arri 5 stage matte box:
-Four 6.6x6.6 trays
-One 138mm or 6" filter. Also includes
-Two 4x5.65 to 6.6x6.6 reduction trays.
-Top and side doors
-Hard masks.

*Requires 19mm studio rods.

(See: Wide angle carrier.)
6.6 Wide Angle Lens Carrier:
Adapts 6.6 box for lenses to 9.8mm
Additional 2 stage Filterholder for Chrosziel matte boxes:
Has one 4x4 tray and one 138mm holder. Clips
onto back of Chosziel matte boxes. (Can substitute 4x5.65 tray)
4x5.65 Cinetech 4 stage matte box:
-Three 4x5.65 trays.
-One 138mm filterholder.
-Includes hard mask set.
*Requires 19mm studio rods.
4x4 Arri 3 stage matte box:
-Two 4x4 stages.
-One 4" filter stage.
-Two 4x5.65 trays are also included, one of
which is geared for graduated filters.
-Top and side doors.
-Hard mask set.
-Requires 19mm rods.

4x4 Arri Clip on 2 stage matte box:
-For 80mm front lenses
-Two 4x4 stages.
-One Series 9 stage.
-One 4x5.65 tray included.

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800 x 600 screen and minimum of 16-bit color recommended © 2003 Harris-Chewning, Inc.