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Color correcting, Solid colors, Polarizers
85's, Neutral Densities, IR ND, Clear, Polarizers, UV, Haze, Flourescent FLB, Flourescent FLD, Antique Suede,
Chocolate, Corals, Cranberry Paradise Blue, Straw, Tobacco

Enhancer, Diopters, Split Diopters
Color Enhancing filters, Diopter +1/2, +1, +2 Split Diopter +1

Diffusion & Low Contrast
White Pro-Mist, SoftCentric, Classic Soft, Soft FX, Black Pro-Mist, Fogs, Supafrost, UltraCon, Low Contrast

Graduated Filters & Stars
Color graduated, ND graduated, Stars, Vari-burst



Lens hoods (Specify normal or wide angle)

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800 x 600 screen and minimum of 16-bit color recommended © 2003 Harris-Chewning, Inc.